Mulberry Raw Silk

Arun Yarns deal with manufacturing of 100% Mulberry Pure Silk Yarn. We are involved in deriving quality silk yarn from Indian Cocoons and then processing the same into hanks. We deal in the production of various denier of raw silk ranging fromc16-18, 18-20, 19-21, 20-22, 24-26 and 28-30.  The Raw silk can be tailored as per client needs.


In our constant effort to make our company a one stop solution centre for Indian Silk, we added another service to our line of products where we started with dyeing of silk. Our in house team of dyers use the best in quality of dyes and chemical so that the silk gets best of the colours. We do both types of dye i.e., with degumming and without degumming. We have also started to increase the use of organic dye without compromising on the quality and finish to the end product.

Pure silk yarn, Warping and Wefting

Accurate twisting of silk forms an integral part of any fabric. Twisting plays a pivotal role in weaving of fabric as any amount of increase or decrease in the twist has an effect on the texture of the fabric. Our in house twisting team ensures our clients receive the product accurately as they desire. We make sure that each of our product pass our quality test so that it can be weaved into a beautiful fabric.

As Warping is popularly known as the Skelton of any fabric we lay added stress on it passing our quality standards. We adjust our twists as per client needs and customise the same depending on the fabric texture they desire. We produce Handloom and Power loom warp in various deniers ranging from 16-18, 18-20, 19-21, 20-22, and 24-26 in two, three and four-ply. We produce warp ranging from 40 yards and going up to 365 yards. We also give the twisted silk yarn in form of hanks width of which can again be customised as per client requirements.

In Weft we use denier such as 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, 26-28 and 28-30. This again is twisted in 2, 3, 4 and 5 ply as required and given to the customer in form of hanks.


Zari (or Jari) is an even thread traditionally made of fine gold or silver used in traditional Indian garments, especially as brocade in saris etc. It is a tinsel thread meant for weaving and embroidery. It is manufactured by winding or wrapping (covering) a flattened metallic strip made from pure gold, silver or slitted metallised polyester film, on a core yarn, usually of pure silk, viscose, cotton, nylon, polyester. It can broadly be divided into three types, Real Zari, Imitation Zari, and Metallic Zari.

Real Zari is made from fine silver or gold thread is drawn from silver or gold alloys, which is flattened by passing it under through equal pressure rotating rollers. The flattened silver threads are wound on the base yarn that is usually made of silk.

Imitation Zari is made when copper wires are drawn from copper alloys. This type of zari is less expensive than pure zari, as silver electroplated copper is more economical.

Metallic Zari is a modernized version of zari and it replaces traditional metals like gold, silver and copper. It is resistant, durable and light in weight. It is non-tarnishing and maintains its lustre for a considerable period of time.

We deal in Real and Imitation Zari. We maintain a wide range of shades to match the customer’s needs and preferences.



"Had been to buy Jari for using it in manufacturing of Saree. Got good quality 30 diner Halfine Jari at affordable price."

-Ashwini KR

"We been using their warp and weft since 20 years. We are a client of their's since the time my father had 4 hand loom and must say they have guided us beautifully all this while. Now I have 10 power looms and I use only their product. With a unique twist process in their warping division it gives a better strength and treasure, which in turn helps us to produce the best in class Pure Silk Saree."

-Murli HP

"Have been dealing with them since 6 months. I must say they have a great range of Indian Silk Yarn. I needed dyed pure silk yarn for my usage and they gave me exactly the way I wanted."

-Rajesh R

"Awesome Store to buy Indian Pure Silk Yarn in Bangalore. Excellent Service."

-Kantharaju KS

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